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Top 9 policies to influence China's economy in 2015





Reprinted from Chinadaily

China announced several major economic and financial measures in December 2014 to arrest the slowdown and jumpstart crucial sectors. Let's take a look at some of the steps taken by the government.


Tougher tax scrutiny

Foreign firms may face tougher tax scrutiny in China, the State Administration of Taxation said on Dec 2, 2014.


China would establish a comprehensive system to monitor foreign companies' profitability to curb cross-border tax evasion.


Prudent monetary policy

China will stick to prudent monetary policy in 2015, according to the Central Economic Work Conference.


The prudent monetary policy should be more focused on elasticity, said a statement released on Dec 11, 2014.


Easy access for foreign banks

The State Council published the amended rules to ease market access for foreign banks on Dec 20, 2014.


It regulated that China will no longer require a specific amount of operating funds to be transferred from the parent foreign bank to its newly-established Chinese branch from Jan 1, 2015.


Real estate registration

China's cabinet issued provisional regulations on real estate registration on Dec 22, 2014.


The regulations will cover collective ownership of land, ownership of buildings and forests, contracted land management rights, and rights to the use of construction land, homesteads and maritime areas.


Pension system reform

China's Vice Premier Ma Kai said China will reform its pension system on Dec 23, 2014.


The reform covers staff in government, Party bodies, and public institutions. The detailed rules were released on Jan 14, 2015.


Easy access to foreign funds

China is to ease restrictions on outbound investments, a State Council executive meeting said on Dec 24, 2014.


The country will streamline procedures for domestic companies to launch overseas listings, mergers and bank openings, making it easier for companies planning to operate abroad.


GDP calculation reform

China is to reform its gross domestic product calculations, said Ma Jiantang, director of the National Bureau of Statistics, on Dec 25, 2014.


Ma said China is accelerating statistical reform to launch a new unified system to calculate gross domestic product in the nation's regions.


Easy investments in FTZ

China will simplify the approval procedures for foreign companies' business plans in China's three new FTZs, the nation said on Dec 28, 2014.


Foreign firms only need to report the plans such as setting up ventures, shutting down and merging ventures or changing their business purpose to the authorities.


Relaxing banks' yuan trading

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange published a set of new rules to relax banks' foreign exchange trading practices on Dec 30, 2014.


It simplified 14 sets of related regulations and added new provisions.