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Top 10 Chinese innovative companies with most patents





Innovation is now a key factor in the development of industries ranging from IT to agriculture to communications, pushing growth of Chinese enterprises faster and higher on a global scale.


China Internet Weekly conducted a study and ranked companies in IT, software, machinery, biopharmaceuticals, communications and auto industries based on the number of registered patents each of them had until Dec 19, 2014.


Although the ranking does not fully reflect the companies'competitiveness in technology research, it serves as a gauge to see their performances in the market.


10. Foton Automobile

Registered patents: 3,914


9 BOE Technology Group

Registered patents: 4,160


8 Lenovo Group Ltd

Registered patents: 4,874


7 Haier Group

Registered patents: 6,406


6 Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)

Registered patents: 6,690


5 Gree Electric Appliances

Registered patents: 8,383


4 Geely Auto

Registered patents: 8,569


3 BYD Co Ltd 

Registered patents: 10,048


2 ZTE Corp 

Registered patents: 32,649


1 Huawei Technologies Co Ltd

Registered patents: 41,813