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China and Japan reached a consensus on the issue about the East Sea





Spokeswoman of Foreign Ministry, Jiang Yu announced on June 18, the two China and Japan reached consensus in principle on issues about the East Sea through equal consultations.

Cooperation on the East Sea between China and Japan


To enable the East Sea between China and Japan which has not yet been delimitated become a peaceful, cooperative, friendly sea, under the consensus reached by leaders of the two countries in April, 2007 and the new one reached in Dec. 2007, the two sides agreed to carry on the cooperation without prejudice to the legal positions of both sides during the transition period of demarcation after serious consultations. Therefore, the two sides took a first step to continue the negotiations in the future.


Understanding for the co-exploitation to East Sea between China and Jaoan

As the first step for the co-exploitation to East Sea between China and Japan, the two sides will promote the following steps: 

(A) Area surrounded by the following coordinates lining in order is the mutual development block (attached diagram): 

1, latitude 29 ° 31 ', longitude l25 ° 53' 30 ' 

2, latitude 29 ° 49 ', longitude l25 ° 53' 30 ' 

3, latitude 30 ° 04 ', longitude 126 ° 03' 45 ' 

4, latitude 30 ° 00 ', longitude 126 ° 10'23 ' 

5, latitude 30 ° 00 ', longitude 126 ° 20' 00 ' 

6, latitude 29 ° 55 ', longitude 126 ° 26' 00 ' 

7, latitude 29 ° 31 ', longitude 126 ° 26'00 '


(B) In the principle of reciprocity, the two sides agreed to select a location in this block for joint exploitation through co-prospection. Specific issues will be identified through consultations between two sides.


(C) The two sides will make efforts to implement their respective domestic procedures for the co-exploitation and to reach the necessary bilateral agreements as soon as possible.


(D) The two sides agreed to continue consultation about the early realization of joint exploitation for the other waters in the East Sea.