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CICPMC Holding the President Working Meeting in Beijing





CICPMC Holding the President Working Meeting in Beijing


On September 15, 2011, CICPMC held the President Working Meeting at Legendale Hotel Beijing. The meeting has summarized our work over the past year, analyzed the situation and tasks for CICPMC’s development, and conducted useful discussions and work deployment in light of next Five Year Plan. Wang Donghua, Vice Chairman, Standing Committee, Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress, moderated the meeting. Zhang Xiaoyu, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General, CICPMC, delivered the work report over the past year and introduced CICPMC’s development plan for the next five years. Zheng Wantong, Vice Chairman, CPPCC, and President, CICPMC, gave recognition to our works over the past year, valuable suggestions and opinions for CICPMC’s plan for the next five years, and important work instructions.


Liu Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee, 11th NPC, Li Yizhong, Deputy Director, the Economic Committee, CPPCC, Hou Yunchun, Vice Minister, Development Research Center of the State Council, Wang Jinxiang, former Vice Minister, National Development and Reform Commission, Ma Xiuhong, Director, the Foreign Affairs Committee, CPPCC, Sun Xiaohua, former Vice President, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Qu Weizhi, Counselor, the Counselors’ Office of the State Council, and other senior leaders were presented at the meeting and delivered important speeches. 


CICPMC honorable Vice Presidents including Geng Ruguang, Vice General Manager, Aviation Corporation of China, Zhang Yuanrong, Vice President, China Minmetals Corporation, Wang Yusuo, Chairman of the Board, ENN Group, Zhang Hongwei, Chairman of the Board, Orient Group, Zhou Jinhui, President, Macau Legend Development Ltd., Zou Bo, Assistant President of Legend Holdings, Ltd., Zhang Lin, Vice President, Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd., Tse Ping, Vice Chairman of the Board, CHIA TAI GROUP and others attended the meeting and participated in the discussions. Directors of all departments of CICPMC were also present at the meeting.


Vice Presidents presenting at the meeting expressed their commendations to CICPMC’s work over the past year, carried out heated discussions on CICPMC’s development plan for the next five years, proposed valuable opinions and wills to further enhance deep cooperation with our Council and give great supports to our work. It was the first president working meeting since Zheng Wantong, Vice Chairman, CPPCC, served as President of CICPMC, and also an important meeting with periodic significance. Implementation of spirits from this meeting will greatly promote the future development of CICPMC. We will further persist in relying on the support of the government, taking multinational corporations as the mainstay and offering services as our mission, promote enterprises’ communication and development, and make further contribution to China’s economic construction.