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Leaders of CICPMC and Vice President of SAP China Visit Deputy Mayor of Beijing





On the morning of December 12, Li Jinzhang, Specially-invited Vice President of CICPMC and former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zhang Xiaoyu, Executive Vice President of CICPMC and Member of the Council of UPEACE as well as Xie Yanqi, Vice President of SAP China (vice president unit of CICPMC) visited Yin Yong, Member of the Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Beijing and hold meetings together.

Deputy Mayor Yin Yong first expressed his welcome to the visit of CICPMC and SAP. He said that Beijing plans to build a pilot free trade zone featuring technological innovation, digital economy and openness of the service industry, which will promote the building of a high-level platform for the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and create a new pattern for higher level of reform and opening-up. By taking these measures, China’s service industry can be enhanced and the competitiveness of the trade in service be strengthened. Beijing also plans to build a comprehensive demonstration zone for greater openness of the national service industry. Efforts will be made on all fronts to strengthen the pilot projects so as to gain more experience that can be duplicated in other regions, which will give better play to the leading role of the pilot zones.

To promote the high-quality development of Beijing, Shunyi District intends to build the Sino-German Demonstration Area of Beijing International Cooperation Industrial Park, which is an effort to improve the industrial chain of German enterprises in China and establish a platform for regular strategic communication between China and Germany. As a leading German enterprise, SAP is a model of Sino-German cooperation. Beijing Municipal Government will continue to serve the needs of SAP and facilitate its development in China so that SAP can introduce the favorable business environment of Beijing to its customers and business partners so as to encourage them to conduct business in Beijing. Deputy Mayor Yin Yong also hoped that CICPMC could help more German enterprises settle down in the Sino-German Demonstration Area.

Specially-invited Vice President Li Jinzhang thanked Beijing Municipal Government and Deputy Mayor Yin Yong for supporting the work of CICPMC. He said that Sino-German cooperation in economy and technology would lead the development of Beijing and CICPMC was prepared to make due contributions.

As Executive Chairman of CICPMC Zhang Xiaoyu introduced, CICPMC is the only non-governmental organization approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China that specializes in the work of multinational corporations. It has more than 3,700 multinational corporations as its members. CICPMC has co-organized twelve sessions of the International Roundtable of Multinational Corporations’ Leaders with UNDP, UNCTAD, UNEP, UNIDO, UNGC and UPEACE. Among them, ten sessions were held in CBD (Beijing Central Business District), which is a great boost to CBD’s development. 

Zhang Xiaoyu said that CICPMC stood ready to corporate with Beijing to help more multinational companies settle down in this city and facilitate the construction of Beijing Free Trade Zone. To this end, CICPMC would work closely with Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau and the 7 districts of the free trade zone and hold the Forum for the Corporation between Beijing Free Trade Zone and Multinational Corporation at the 13th International Roundtable of Multinational Corporations’ Leaders. According to Zhang Xiaoyu, CICPMC also intended to expand its own projects in Beijing. Later, the two parties discussed their cooperation to promote the digital economy of Beijing.

Vice President of SAP China Xie Yanqi thanked the Beijing Municipal Government for its attention to SAP. She expressed SAP’s aspiration to actively participate in the construction of important projects in Beijing, such as new infrastructure building, industrial Internet and cloud computing, all of which are vigorously advocated by the central government. With the help of cutting-edge technologies, SAP would strive to facilitate the implementation of national strategy through innovation-driven development. SAP also hoped to tap into the potential of its Innovation Empowerment Center to promote the digitalization of industrial clusters in Beijing. Committed to the slogan of “in China, for China”, SAP would take concrete actions to serve the needs of the Chinese government and enterprises. Based on the difficulties that SAP has encountered in its operation, Xie Yanqi offered constructive opinions and suggestions to the municipal government.

Deputy Mayor Yin Yong said that CICPMC, a non-governmental organization with advanced resources, has contributed a lot to the development of Beijing. The Beijing Municipal Government and other relevant departments will continue to strengthen their corporation with CICPMC. To this end, effective mechanisms will be established to provide better services and communication channels.

Deputy Mayor Yin Yong, leaders of the Beijing Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Beijing Foreign Affairs Office, Haidian and Shunyi District Governments as well as other leaders from different levels of government and departments responded to the demands of SAP. The government leaders promised that they would take the initiative to provide services so as to pursue shared development.

Present at the event were Yang Xiuling, Director of Beijing Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Yin Fei, First-Class Inspector of Beijing Foreign Affairs Office, Lin Jianhua, Deputy Head of Haidian District, Liang Bin, Member of the Standing Committee of Party Committee and Deputy Head of Shunyi District, Shi Haixia, Deputy Director of the International Center of CICPMC and Geng Xiaowen, Deputy Director of the International Office of CICPMC.