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Wu Bingfang, Secretary of Wuxing District Leads a Delegation to Visit Danfoss





Recently, Wu Bingfang, Secretary of Party Committee of Wuxing District, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, alongside leaders of CICPMC, led a delegation to visit Danfoss, which was an effort to promote the cooperation between Huzhou and multinational companies. Discussions were held to promote energy recovery of the Big Data Center of Danfoss in Wuxing District as well as energy recovery and comprehensive utilization in other industrial parks and Huzhou City as a whole.

On November 30, 2020, Wu Bingfang, Secretary of Party Committee of Wuxing District, led a delegation to visit Danfoss, a multinational company with world reputation. This was a return visit to the company that Wuxing District intends to work with following the visits of the delegation of multinational corporations led by CICPMC in July and October. The delegation was met by Che Wei, Vice President of Danfoss China, Yan Lixin, Director of Cooling Department of Danfoss and other senior executives. They discussed such issues as green cold-chain transportation, energy recovery of the Big Data Center and comprehensive utilization of urban energy source. Secretary Wu also reached a cooperation agreement with Danfoss to promote the zero-carbon emission initiative of Wuxing District.

Vice President Che Wei introduced the basic situation of Danfoss. Founded in 1933, Danfoss is one of the largest multinational industrial groups in Denmark. It is also a pioneer in energy conservation and environmental protection around the world. Che Wei said that Danfoss would make due contributions to environmental protection projects in Huzhou and facilitate the transition from comprehensive energy utilization to renewable energy in all sectors so as to achieve sustainable development.

Yan Lixin, Director of Cooling Department, introduced Danfoss’ advantages in green industries and cold-chain transportation. Based on the development of China's new ecological industries, he proposed a preliminary construction project that highlights the characteristics of industrial development in Huzhou.

Secretary Wu introduced the favorable investment environment of Wuxing District. He hoped that Danfoss could expand its business in Wuxing so as to contribute to the local ecological environment.

As Secretary Wu said, Huzhou City, the birthplace of “China’s beautiful countryside”, has inspired President Xi Jinping to put forward the idea of “green mountains are mountains of gold”. It boasts beautiful scenery and favorable business environment. Through cooperation with Danfoss, Huzhou hoped to give life to its green hills and clear waters and take the lead in the implementation of the national zero-carbon emission initiative, which would enable Huzhou to become a demonstration city of ecological construction in China and in the world at large.

Li Xinyu, Vice President of CICPMC believed that only through cooperation with prominent multinational companies can Huzhou preserve its green hills and clear waters and contribute to the development of green economy. The idea of ecological construction is deeply embedded in the DNA of European companies, whose approach will better serve the need of Wuxing District of Huzhou, an area with pleasant ecological environment.

China-Europe economic cooperation has far-reaching influence on the future global economic landscape. The expansion of business projects of multinational companies in Chinese cities and districts will set an example in the pursuit of sustainable development and ecological civilization in China and in the world at large. As a non-governmental organization with global influence, CICPMC will tap into its abundant resources to promote the settlement of high-quality projects in China.