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The Secreatry-General Ban Ki-Moon's Message to the Seventh International Roundtable of Multionational Corporations Leaders





I am pleased to greet the 7th Multinational Corporations Leaders Roundtable.  This forum is an important opportunity to advance corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.


These two realms should not be seen in isolation from each other.


The ingredients for sustainable development are exactly those that will increase the chances of corporate success and long-term profitability.  These include investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, the service and information industries, environmental protection and human capital.


In the same way, corporate social responsibility can promote sustainability, strengthen communities and institutions, and enhance business reputations and workforce morale and productivity.


I hope that this roundtable will help you to determine concrete ways of strengthening collaboration and joint investments.  The UN Global Compact initiative and its country network in China offer many platforms for business engagement.  


I would like to highlight climate change in particular as an area in which the United Nations looks to the corporate sector for leadership and partnership.  Governments and the private sector are uniting behind the message that there is no competition between economic growth, business success and fighting climate change.  All people, communities and sectors, including the corporate sector, will benefit from the vast opportunities presented by the transformation to climate-resilient, low-carbon economies.


More and more companies realize this, and are acting individually and in partnership with governments and civil society.  It is time for business to go much further, much faster.  I was very encouraged by business involvement in the Climate Summit in New York two months ago, as well as here in China at the annual Caring for Climate China Summit hosted by the Global Compact Local Network.  Businesses are also playing an important role in the Sustainable Energy for All initiative.  Let us make the most of these new arenas for cooperation.


Our world’s toughest challenges demand solutions that involve all parts of society.  No organization or sector alone can slow climate change, end corruption, poverty and violence, or promote equality and gender empowerment.  Success depends on governments, companies, investors, educators, activists and citizens working together.


We count on global business to play its part, and I hope this Roundtable will provide a rich forum for discussion and a foundation for new thinking.  I wish you a productive meeting.