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The Address by Mr. Zhou Tienong, Vice Chairman, Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China at the Third International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations





Ladies and gentlemen and friends,

First of all, I would like to express my sincere congratulations on the successful convening of ' The third International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations”!

I feel much honored to be invited by Mr. Cheng Siwei, President of the Roundtable, to discuss the issues on 'bringing in' and 'going global' with you. I'll talk a bit about my views.

We all know that in today's world, it won’t be successful for any country to make the closed-door construction. The historic achievements achieved by the new China since it was founded

60 years ago have proved this point to the world. Especially over the 30 years of reform and opening up, China has always held highly the flags of peace, development and cooperation,

and adhered to the basic national policy of opening up. So China has successfully achieved a great turning point from a closed and semi-closed situation to a full open situation by

opening the door to make construction and accelerating the development of an open economy. From the establishment of special economic zones to opening coastal, river, border and

inland areas, then to joining the World Trade Organization; from large-scale 'bringing in' to the great strides of 'going global', China has taken full advantage of a peaceful international

environment and domestic and international markets, and the two kinds of resources, to develop itself. China also has made a significant contribution to the world economic development

and harmony through extensive and deep international cooperation and actively defending world peace, which has constantly improved China's international competitiveness.

Meanwhile, the process of internationalization of Chinese enterprises has also made an unusual way with Chinese characteristics. Although in the process of 'bringing in' and 'going

global', we experienced a lot of hardships, and paid a lot of tuition, we still have made a great success in attracting multinationals in the world to come to China to develop and making the

transnational operations of Chinese enterprises.

The International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations co-sponsored by China International Institute of Multinational Corporations and UNCTAD, UNDP,

UNIDO, UNEP, and the United Nations Global Compact Office, already successfully held twice with strong responses, has built a good platform for the exchange and cooperation between

domestic and foreign multinational corporations, and for the communications between the corporations and the governments, and has played an important role in the promotion of

'bringing in' and 'going global'.

I have noticed that most of the participants of the current Roundtable are leaders and representatives from top 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises. This provided a good learning

opportunity for our enterprises. It is not just China's needs, but also the international market's needs for Chinese enterprises to 'go global' for development in the international market,

and to participate in the competition. Our companies will have a process of learning, exercise, growth and development. We can make the success only by courageous participation and

unremitting efforts.

Finally, I hope that Chinese enterprises will comprehensively grasp the new opportunities brought from the growing trend of multi-polarization in today’s world and the further development

of economic globalization, on the basis of fully judging and analyzing the changes brought by this international financial crisis, and actively deal with the new challenges of the post-crisis

era. We must not only insist on independent innovation, but also absorb strengths of others, and strive to achieve the scientific and sustainable development of enterprises, and become

truly multinational companies as soon as possible.

Thank you!