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The Address by Mr. Du Qinglin, Vice Chairman of CPPCC, Head of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee at the Third International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations





Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen and friends,

Good morning!

I am very pleased to once again have this opportunity to attend the ' International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations' , together with you, friends new and old,

to discuss the issues of deepening mutually beneficial cooperation and promoting the win-win development in the new situation, and to share wisdom and sagacity.

First of all, I would like to give my warm congratulations to the successful holding of ' the Third International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations”. I also would

like to extend my sincere greetings and good wishes to the participants of all walks of life, and express my sincere thanks for the supports provided by the people concerned, and the efforts of

China International Institute of Multinational Corporations, relevant United Nations bodies, Chaoyang District Government, and Beijing CBD Administrative Committee!

We all know, in the past year, due to the impact of the financial crisis, the world economy has withstood the most serious challenges since the Great Depression of last century. I remember this

time last year, in the second session of the International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations, many people were worried. Through a seasonal cycle from winter

to autumn of working together to strengthen cooperation and actively responding to the current world economic situation from the international community and countries in the world, the current

world economic situation has begun to show some positive changes and tortuous recovery, so that all mankind can see the dawn of spring. At this critical moment, it is of great significance for

officials of relevant United Nations agencies, the leaders of governmental departments, CEOs of Chinese and foreign multinational companies, experts and scholars to gather here together to

discuss the related issues of 'working together to tide over difficulties and promote development'. I sincerely wish this Roundtable a great success!

This hundred rare international financial crisis has a significant impact on China's economy. But, under the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, we put our

country's economic situation firstly along the path to overall recovery by strengthening confidence and calmly dealing with the difficulties. Besides, we also made the expansion of domestic

effective demand as a foothold in the promotion of economic growth with the rapid response to the international financial crisis by introducing a package of plans and policies measures. These

achievements are the results of the adherence by the Chinese government and people to a proactive fiscal policy and moderate loose monetary policy to implement a package of plans to deal

with the international financial crisis according to their own national conditions. At the same time, these achievements are inseparable from the fact that the Chinese government and Chinese

people always highly hold the flags of peace, development and cooperation, pursue the opening-up strategy of mutual benefit and win-win situation, actively develop exchanges and cooperation

with countries in the world, actively participate in responding to international financial crisis to promote the world economic growth, human civilization and progress by joining hands with all

peoples around the world to promote the building of the harmonious world, lasting peace and common prosperity.

At present, as a general view, it is in line with China's reality, and it is timely, powerful and effective that we have adopted a package of macroeconomic policies and plans responding to the

international financial crisis. However, the trend of China's economic rebound is not stable, non-consolidated and unbalanced. There are still many uncertainties on the world economic outlook,

and the downward pressure on external demand remains high. It is subject to many constraints to expand domestic demand in the short term, and the business is still difficult in some industries,

and the task of economic restructuring is still very arduous. Some of the effects of stimulus policies will gradually decline, while the others which focus on long-term development will take some

time to achieve results. As a result, China will continue to maintain a stable and rapid economic development as its primary task, and unswervingly continue to implement the proactive fiscal

policy and moderate accommodative monetary policy to fully implement and constantly enrich and improve the package plans. China will try to discover and solve the new situations and new

problems in the economic operation to improve the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the policy, and be vigilant and guard against all kinds of potential risks including inflation to push

China's stable and rapid economic development and social harmony and stability. Meanwhile, we will deepen reform, expand opening up, and continue to strengthen international cooperation

and exchanges to promote world harmony and prosperity by working together with peoples around the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the current world economy is undergoing profound change and transformation, and the future and destiny of all nations have never been so closely linked. Our visions

need to be a litter longer, and our minds need to be a litter wider in order to make our own contribution to promoting the world harmony and prosperity. The Chinese nation always advocates the

idea of “HeHe”, because it mixes the inheritance and progress of human civilization, and molds the history and culture of the Chinese nation. The first 'He' is a kind of recognition and respect

to pursue the kindness, interpersonal amity, social harmony and world peace; the second “He” is a kind of cohesion and cooperation to promote the diversity, mutual tolerance and seeking

common ground while keeping differences, coexistence and joint development. The realm of “HeHe” is the perfection of oneself, the perfection of other people’s perfections, the coexistence of

all perfections and the harmonious perfections of the world. In the face of financial crisis, social conflicts, cultural conflicts, and environmental pollution, I hope the peoples of the world will adhere

to and advocate the thought of “HeHe”, to jointly create harmony and put the people's welfare in mind, and hold highly the flags of human progress to create the beautiful future of world peace

and development. We should have respect for differences in diversity with equal treatment, enhance mutual understanding in communication and exchanges, and achieve common progress by

learning from each other. We should achieve the common development on the basis of mutual trust, mutual aid, reciprocity and mutual benefit. We should seek the peace by cooperation, and

pursue the harmony by development. We should work together to take up the important task of building a harmonious world and share the grace of a harmonious world.

The international community has been concerned about how China will promote the establishment of a just, reasonable, healthy and stable new world economic order, and I think everyone has

the same concern. In fact, Premier Wen Jiabao had already proposed 5 points to the international community on behalf of our Party Central Committee and the State Council at the recent Davos

Forum as follows: First, deepen international economic and trade cooperation to promote the healthy development of the multilateral trading system. Second, promote international financial

system reform to accelerate the establishment of new international financial order. Third, strengthen international cooperation in financial supervision and prevent the accumulation and spread

of financial risks. Fourth, effectively protect the interests of developing countries and promote common development of the world economy. Fifth, build common, beautiful homes of the mankind

with a concerted response to the global challenge. I believe that the comments made by Premier Wen Jiabao are the best answers. 'To work together to tide over difficulties, and to promote the

development' , the theme of this current International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations, once again shows that the multinational corporations are the major

carriers in all international co-operations, and an important force to promote the sustainable development of the world economy and economic globalization. I hope you will spare no effort to

promote the building of a harmonious world on the basis of deepening mutually beneficial cooperation and achieving win-win developments.

Finally, I believe the haze of international financial crisis will eventually be dispersed. Let us deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, promote win-win development, and create a more splendid

and bright future by working together!

Once again, I wish this Roundtable a great success! Thank you!