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Welcome Address by Mr. Cheng Siwei, Vice-Chairman, Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China





Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening!

I am very pleased to hold the reception dinner here in welcoming you to the Third International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations.

As we all know, this Roundtable is co-sponsored by China International Institute of Multinational Corporations, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNIDO, UNEP, and the United Nations Global Compact

Office, and jointly-organized by the People's Government of Chaoyang District, Beijing and China International Institute of Multinational Corporations. At the same time, it also has got

the support and help from all sectors of society, including all of you present here. Equality, credibility, cooperation, win-win situation, and working together to tide over difficulties and to

promote the development are the objectives and themes of the Roundtable which, I think, are also the common aspiration of peoples throughout the world.

In China's reform and opening up, while having introduced foreign capital, technologies and products, we have also been committed to encouraging Chinese enterprises to go global,

and to invest in the world in order to promote the common development of the economy of China and that of the world.

Over the three decades of its reform and opening up, China has actively integrated into the world and promoted China’s economic development with appropriate development strategies

suitable to China and now the people's standard of living and overall national strength of China have been greatly improved. At the same time, China also has made its due contribution

to the development of the world economy. However, compared with many developed countries, China still has many deficiencies in the model of economic development, industrial

structures, technological levels and so on. We are a country with a population of one-fifth of the world, so it is always our priority to solve the issues of our country and people.

This Roundtable is attended by nearly 100 companies’ leaders and representatives of Fortune 500 companies in China, as well as more than 300 Chinese enterprises’ representatives.

Multinational corporations are thought to be the engines and motors to promote world economic development by the world economic community. With more than 90% of the world's

intellectual property rights, 70% of the world’s economic volume, and 75% of world’s trade, you have made a positive contribution to the human civilization and social progress. Of

course, we also hope that you can better assume your social responsibilities in your development.

I have noticed that many Chinese and foreign mayors, development zone directors, experts and scholars have also been invited to attend the Roundtable. You are boosters of the

development of enterprises, because cities are the comprehensive embodiments of the social progress and economic development. Our Chinese companies, which are growing and

marching to the world, need the support and help from you and from all circles of the community.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is very important to hold this Roundtable gathering Chinese and foreign business leaders and government officials during this special period when all countries around the world work

together to tide over the global economic change triggered by financial crisis.

Tomorrow morning, the Roundtable will be opened, and the contents of 1.5 days’ meeting are very rich. More than 40 guests are going to give speeches and discuss with you on the hot,

difficult and doubtful issues and so on. I hope that Roundtable will let you have new knowledge, open new horizons, and make new friends.

May I propose a toast to the success of the Roundtable and your good health! Cheers!