Materials of Project Background





17 November 2007, the 'China - United Nations Climate Change Partnership Framework Project', signed in New York and on October 9th, 2008 was officially launched. 

The framework of the project implementation period is 3 years, aims to achieve climate change policy to support and encourage the development and promotion of innovative technologies. Project objectives are: 

1) to the national strategic approach to climate change into national policies and laws and regulations, to promote and strengthen the climate change policy formulation and implementation; 

2) enhance the local and partner party financing technology transfer and capacity of innovation model; 

3) ensure that vulnerable communities adapt to climate change. 

'China - United Nations Climate Change Partnership Framework Project' includes 10 sub-items, namely: 

• Clean coal technology demonstration and extension projects 

• Waste Heat Power Generation Project gangue brick 

• Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in the protection of agriculture on the application potential of the project feasibility study......