Invitation Letter





Invitation Letter

Chinese and foreign enterprises to make timely, accurate and full picture and held the national relevant economic and industrial policy, better grasp and promoting economic development, we have Yu in January 2005 Zai Zhongyang Party successfully held the 'first report in China Economic. ' Meetings around the macro-control, rural issues, tax reform, financial regulation, energy policy, restructuring state-owned enterprises, information development, WTO and trade, private enterprise financing and other issues were discussed. The participants agreed that, through participation, understanding of the government, control policy, learning the knowledge and clear direction. Meeting content and results in a strong domestic and international repercussions. 

Should now majority Chinese and foreign enterprises, international organizations, local government, foreign embassies, chambers of commerce of the request, we will be September 16, 2005 -18 Jingxi Hotel in Beijing will hold its second 'report of China's economic situation.' Then, we will invite national leaders and national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce, Bank of China, SASAC, the State Council Research Office, State Council Informatization Office, China Banking Regulatory Commission, Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Central Party School ministries leadership keynote address from a different perspective, analysis of China's economic and industrial policies, and requested the Secretary for the Secretary-related interaction with the participants, and answer your concerns, to further promote the sound development of China's economy. 

The report also organized the 'Strategy and Policy Round Table', is about 'China's financial capital restructuring and corporate finance,' the large number of enterprises to discuss topics of interest. Organizing Committee will be invited to the PBC, the CBRC, the CSRC, CIRC, attended only 30 Chinese and foreign business leaders to participate in this round table. 

Report will be held in China's economic situation is to implement President Hu Jintao on strengthening the 'open government' a concrete manifestation of the spirit of the instructions, but also to adapt to the information society and development trends of economic globalization, the need to actively communicate with the public, the Government set up a communication platform, to increase government and public exchange of information channels, reduce the economic problems arising from information asymmetry is an important way. Post-WTO transition period for China's economy faces many urgent problems and a lot of pressure from home and abroad, the second session of 'China's economic situation report' will have a very high authority and a strong forward-looking. 

The second 'China's economic situation, the report would' by the host organizing committee of the World Economic Development Declaration, the China International Institute of Multinational Corporations and the Global Times, co-host. We value your interest and look forward to your support! Invite you to attend the extraordinary session of this value!