Explanation on Conference Participation





 Explanation on Conference Participation

◇ Organizer 

Organizing Committee of the World Economic Development Declaration 

◇ Sponsor 

International Institute of Multinational Corporations in China Global Times 

◇ Topics 

Post-WTO transition period, China's economic development and the world 

◇ Content Tips 

Meeting will focus on the post-WTO transition period of macroeconomic adjustment, anti-dumping and trade barriers and address, financial capital and fiscal reform, energy development strategy, state-owned enterprise restructuring, corporate finance and other related issues discussed. 

◇ Participants Object 

Local government leaders and relevant department heads; 

Chinese and foreign business leaders, chambers of commerce and foreign diplomatic leadership of the Chinese Association 

◇ Meeting Time 

September 2005 16-18 

◇ Venue 

Beijing Jingxi Hotel (Hotel Profile: central and important meeting place for the State Department. Address: Yangfangdian Road Haidian District, Beijing No., opposite the South Central Television). 

◇ Meeting Costs 

Ordinary Meeting fee: 6,000 yuan / person (including accommodation); 

Member Conference fee: China International Institute of Multinational Corporations member by 4800 yuan / person paid (including room and board); 

◇ Contact 

See: Contact Us 

◇ Payment 

Name: Organizing Committee of the World Economic Development Declaration 

Bank: Bank of Beijing Jiulong Mountain Branch 

ID: 01090313900120109094658 

◇ Other 

1) after the representatives of all participants would receive a commemorative photo of the whole photograph and a conference video discs; 

2) All participants will receive a consent after the list of participating companies, to facilitate exchanges and cooperation between enterprises; 

3) After all participants by the China International Institute of Multinational Corporations to apply for free access to guest speakers of this meeting information (e-documents); 

4) The meeting will be nearly 3 / 4 of the conference agenda for entrepreneurs as well as between participants and the Minister, the Director of interaction between the exchange; 

5) in the 'Participants receipt' fill in the column you most expect from this session are issues of interpretation, we will be summarized and brought to the leadership to your interpretation; 

6) Please Sept. 8, 2005 will be 'participants receipt' by fax or courier to the Organizing Committee, to facilitate arrangements for your reception.