Conference Contents





Conference Contents

By the host organizing committee of the World Economic Development Declaration, China International Institute of Multinational Corporations and Global Times co-host on the theme 'WTO transitional period after China's economic development and the world,' the second report of China's economic situation will be on September 16 -18 Jingxi Hotel in Beijing organized. Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, Minister of Agriculture Du Qinglin and the National Development and Reform Commission, the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, Ministry of Commerce, the State Council Research Office, State Council Informatization Office, People's Bank, the SASAC, China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and other relevant ministries and the leadership of the Division Secretary attended the meeting. Leaders attending the meeting for China's economic and industrial policies from different Angle gave a keynote report at the same time, the issues of concern to participants to conduct an interactive dialogue with you, in order to further promote the healthy development of China's economy. 

Envoys from more than 50 countries, chambers of commerce leaders, the leadership of our country to city, 500 Chinese and foreign business leaders attended the meeting. 

In order to enable enterprises to timely, accurate, comprehensive understanding and knowledge of relevant national economic and industrial policies, to better promote economic development, the World Economic Development Declaration of the Organizing Committee was in January 2005 the Central Party School successfully hosted the first 'China Economic situation report. ' Meetings around the macro-control, rural issues, tax reform, financial regulation, energy policy, restructuring state-owned enterprises, information development, WTO and trade, private enterprise financing and other issues were discussed. The participants agreed that, through participation, understanding of the government, control policy, learning the knowledge and clear direction. The content and results of the meeting by more than 100 media reports, at home and abroad had a strong reaction. 

The second report of China's economic situation will be the general Chinese and foreign enterprises, international organizations, local government, foreign embassies, chambers of commerce organized the request again. It is learned that the organizers will be an annual event such a meeting, its purpose is for the general public, especially the Chinese and foreign enterprises set up with the bridge. 

The report will also hosting a 'strategic and policy round table.' Round Table around the 'China's financial capital restructuring and corporate finance,' the large number of enterprises subject of concern were discussed. Concerning the split share structure, social capital and stock market development, corporate finance, RMB exchange rate mechanism reform, tax reform, building a harmonious 'financial ecology', and strengthen social insurance. People's Bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission, Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission of the leadership at this only 30 Chinese and foreign business leaders to attend the round table. 

Organizers Organizing Committee of the World Economic Development Declaration in November 2003 had so far released by the world's first declaration of global economic development - the 'World Economic Development Declaration,' the United Nations has issued a document, 'Declaration' issued to 191 members. United Nations Secretary General Annan highly praised China's initiative that the 'World Economic Development Declaration' is the cause of the work and support of global development. 'Declaration' published in the success of our China, that China's further participation in world economic development initiative, enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, has won numerous international organizations and foreign business leaders highly appreciated. 'Declaration' covers all aspects of human social and economic development, it called for businesses to assume more social responsibility and sustainable development issues worldwide call for greater attention to and put into practice more. 

The current Chinese economic situation report is to further promote and implement the 'World Economic Development Declaration' is consistent with President Hu Jintao on strengthening the 'open administration' indicates a concrete manifestation of the spirit. At home and abroad that hold 'China's economic situation Reporting Conference', is to adapt to the information society and economic globalization, the needs, set up communication between the Government and the platform for the public and increase government and public exchange of information of the channel, reducing the information asymmetry many economic problems caused a major way.

At present, the Chinese economy is to make the speed of steady development of world attention. China has become the strategic deployment of the multinational important choice, the world can not develop without China's participation, China's development must be international in perspective. Right now, such as U.S., EU textile trade negotiations and other events to make us feel, in the post-WTO transitional period facing many urgent problems and pressure from home and abroad. The second 'Report on the Situation of China's economy will' not only the interpretation of this high authority, but also a strong forward-looking, it's held in the autumn once again become a highlight of China's economic sector, which attracted foreign public concern. 

The report coincides with the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, the meeting reflects the great unity of China and the world. This is also Chinese and foreign guests, gathered together government and enterprises venue full of joy and harmonious atmosphere.