(Sina.com) China's economic situation, the second report will be held in Beijing





Beijing September 17 News reporter Hou Liming Report: China's economic situation, the second report on September 16-18 at the Western Academy of Beijing Hotel. Attended the meeting for the current leadership of China's economic and industrial policy, gave a keynote address from different angles, while on the concerns of participants had an interactive dialogue with you, in order to further promote healthy development of China's economy. 

The report will also hosting a 'strategic and policy round table.' Round Table around the 'China's financial capital restructuring and corporate finance,' the large number of enterprises subject of concern were discussed. Concerning the split share structure, social capital and stock market development, corporate finance, RMB exchange rate mechanism reform, tax reform, building a harmonious 'financial ecology', and strengthen social insurance. 

Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, Minister of Agriculture Du Qinglin and the National Development and Reform Commission, the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, Ministry of Commerce, the State Council Research Office, State Council Informatization Office, People's Bank, the SASAC, China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and other relevant ministries and the leadership of the Division Secretary attended the meeting. Envoys from more than 50 countries, chambers of commerce leaders, the leadership of our country to city, 500 Chinese and foreign business leaders attended the meeting.