(People's Daily Online) Introduction of the 2nd China's economic situation report





In order to make the public especially the Chinese and foreign enterprises to timely, accurate, comprehensive understanding and knowledge of relevant national economic and industrial policies, to better grasp and promote economic development, in January 2005 the Central Party School of the organizers successfully held 'China's economy reports on the situation. ' Meetings around the macro-control, rural issues, tax reform, financial regulation, energy policy, restructuring state-owned enterprises, information development, WTO and trade, private enterprise financing of extensive discussion. Different sectors from across the country on behalf of more than 600 people attended the meeting. The participants agreed that, through participation, understanding of the government, control policy, learning the knowledge and clear direction. Meeting content and results in a strong domestic and international repercussions. 

Should be large Chinese and foreign enterprises, international organizations, local government, foreign embassies, chambers of commerce requirements, the second report of the economic situation in China will be September 16, 2005 -18 held at the Western Academy of Beijing Hotel. Will then be invited to state leaders and national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Commerce, the People's Bank, the SASAC, the State Council Research Office, State Council Informatization Office, China Banking Regulatory Commission, Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Central Party School, China Federation of Industry and other ministries and leadership of 12 keynote address from a different perspective, analysis of China's economic and industrial policies, and requested the Secretary for the Secretary-related interaction with the participants, and answer your concerns, to further promote China's economic development. 

The report also organized the 'Chinese financial capital restructuring and corporate finance' as the theme of 'Strategy and Policy Round Table', the organizing committee will invite national leaders and ministries, attended only 30 Chinese and foreign business leaders to participate in this round table. 

'China's economic reports on the situation,' the organizers - the World Economic Development Declaration by the Organizing Committee of the 56 foreign ministries, international organizations composed. November 2003, at the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and China Hu Jintao, Chairman Wu Bangguo, Premier Wen Jiabao and other leaders of the party and the state under the personal care, in dedication to the Nobel laureate in economics, participation, at home and abroad collaboration of 56 units under the successfully held in China in order to 'equality, credibility, cooperation and development' as the theme of 'World Economic Development Declaration Conference.' In the General Assembly adopted and published the 'World Economic Development Declaration' is by far the world's first global nature of a declaration of economic development, the United Nations General Assembly session with 58 papers Xingshi 将 'Declaration' issued to Le 191 member states. United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan spoke highly of: published by the China initiative and the 'World Economic Development Declaration' is the cause of the work and the support of global development. 'Declaration' published in the success of our China, that China's further participation in world economic development initiative, enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, has won numerous international organizations and foreign business leaders highly appreciated. Organization of two year's 'China's economic reports on the situation,' the purpose and meaning is to further promote and implement the 'World Economic Development Declaration.' 

China's economic situation would be to implement the report of President Hu Jintao on strengthening the 'open administration' indicates a concrete manifestation of the spirit. At home and abroad that hold the 'China's economic situation report', is to adapt to the information society and economic globalization trends need to actively communicate with the public the government set up a communication platform to increase the exchange of information between the government and public channels to reduce caused by information asymmetry is an important means of economic problems. 

Currently, WTO transitional period after China faces many pressing problems and the many pressures from home and abroad. 'The Second Report of China's economic situation will' not only has a very high authority, but also a strong forward-looking. It also will provide participants an excellent platform for exchange and cooperation, is a commercial return value bears a wide range of business interests and important meeting.