Introduction to the Conference





In order to promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises, and promote common development and further implementation in September 2000 UN Millennium Summit adopted the 'Millennium Declaration', to be famous Chinese and foreign enterprises initiated by the State Council approved, on November 6, 2003 -7 held in Zhuhai on the World Economic Development Declaration series. 

World Economic Development Declaration theme: equality, honesty, cooperation and development. By publishing 'Zhuhai Declaration' and the summit organized by the World Economic Development, promoting the establishment of equality and mutual benefit, interdependence and common development, a new world economic order; to explore the world and the forefront of China's economic development issues for the Chinese and foreign enterprises to provide a platform for exchange and cooperation, further promote the world and China's sustained economic development. 

There will be Chinese leaders and more than 10 ministers, foreign dignitaries, Hong Kong and Macao Chief Executive, heads of international organizations, renowned economists and 1000 a number of Chinese and foreign famous enterprises home and abroad, President / Vice President to attend. 

The activities of the Party and state leaders attached great importance to and support, clear instructions 'to well-organized, stress practical results, be sure to run.' Vice Premier Wu Yi as the honorary chairman of the Organizing Committee, National People's Congress Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of the Organizing Committee as Chairman, Vice Chairman Xu served as honorary chairman of the organizing committee. 

By the China International Institute of Multinational Corporations, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government, China Federation of Industry, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, China Association of Foreign-invested enterprises, the Central Party School when the newspaper, some countries Chamber of Commerce in China more than 40 units together constitute the organizing committee and will jointly organize this event. 

July 7 Zuwei Hui Taiwan to hold the first preparatory work leading group meetings and conferences. Cheng Siwei, Vice Chairman, Vice Chairman Xu and head of the organizing committee members of the unit, part of the State Minister Counsellor, Embassy, Chamber of Commerce as well as a total of more than 300 Chinese and foreign journalists to attend. Deputy Secretary of the Organizing Committee Vice-Chairman of the Preparatory Team Leader Comrade Xu Shaoshi stressed the event stage of China's battle against SARS after the victory of a major international activities, to run this event to raise China's international image and promote reform open, create Chinese multinationals is important. Asked committee member units of duties, work together to bring the event to run. 

July 29 Organizing Committee International Institute of Multinational Corporations in China held a reception part of the Commercial Counsellor Embassy of developing countries. India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Poland, Mexico and other 29 countries of the 49 foreign friends to attend. Deputy Director of the National People's Congress Law Committee, Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee Wang Maolin, vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, executive vice chairman of the organizing committee attended and addressed Shi, introduced the series of world economic development content and China's investment environment, and fully stressed the economic performance of developing countries in the world are all equal members of the middle, with their participation in activities of the World Economic Development Declaration will be more meaningful. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce director, said Abdul Korea, India and China are the largest developing country, should contribute to world economic development, India and China are the healthy development of friendly relations between peoples, we must take this opportunity to mobilize the Indian companies to participate in to strengthen exchanges with China, cooperation. Commercial Counsellor of Pakistan.Homald Mulder said that in November the President will visit Pakistan in early they will take this opportunity to organize business delegations and participation in follow-up activities in Zhuhai.