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TV Guide to the WEDDC publicity program

CCTV-1 and CCTV-2 broadcast the WEDDC publicity program from September 13 to November 8. The program is shown 2-5 times every day (the specific time is informed 2 days in advance). The program that has been broadcast and that will be broadcast in the near future is as follows:

September 13 (Saturday)
CCTV-1 07:13 12:30
CCTV-2 06:40 00:16

September 14(Sunday)
CCTV-1 07:13 12:30
CCTV-2 07:30 10:57

September 15(Monday)
CCTV-1 07:13 12:30
CCTV-2 07:55 19:53

September 16(Tuesday)
CCTV-1 09:25 12:38
CCTV-2 07:55 19:53

September 17(Wednesday)
CCTV-1 07:13 12:38
CCTV-2 07:55 19:53

September 18(Thursday)
CCTV-1 12:38 18:56
CCTV-2 10:28 22:45

September 19(Friday)
CCTV-1 18:56
CCTV-2 07:55 00:41

September 20(Saturday)
CCTV-1 13:58 17:30 21:44
CCTV-2 06:40

September 21(Sunday)
CCTV-1 07:13 12:30
CCTV-2 06:40 00:16

September 22(Monday)
CCTV-1 21:50
CCTV-2 07:55

September 23(Tuesday)
CCTV-1 17:30
CCTV-2 07:55

September 24(Wednesday)
CCTV-1 17:30
CCTV-2 22:45

September 25(Thursday)
CCTV-1 13:58
CCTV-2 10:28

September 26(Friday)
CCTV-1 13:58
CCTV-2 01:21

From September 22 to September 26
CCTV-1 22:30 CCTV2 22:50 CCTV-4 10:55

From September 26 to September 30
CCTV-1 22:30 CCTV2 22:10 CCTV4 10:55

From October 1 to October 19
CCTV-1 21:55 CCTV-2 21:30 CCTV-4 23:55

From September 22 to October 19
CCTV-9 01:00 06:00 11:00 14:00 21:00


CCTV-4 broadcast in the Column of 'China News' a 30-minitue special interview with Vice-Chairman Cheng Siwei of the Standing Committee, NPC concerning the organizing work of the WEDDC at 21:30 September 21.

CCTV will also make special reports on the WEDDC in succession in the columns of 'China News', 'China Report' and 'Dialoge(English)'.

Zhuhai TV will make all-round report on the WEDDC. BTV (Beijing TV), Phoenix TV and others will make special reports on the WEDDC in succession. CCTV will make live broadcast and present special programs in the columns of 'Focus' and 'News in Depth'.


'People's Daily', 'Economic Daily' have opened special columns for all through reports on the WEDDC. From October 15 onward, 'Economic Daily' will publish 10 consecutive special issues on the Conference. 'China Daily' will publish special English issues on the Conference as from mid-Ooctober; 'Guangming Daily', 'Science and Technology Daily', 'Workers' Daily', 'China Youth Daily', 'China Women's Daily', 'Farmer's Daily', 'Legal Daily', 'China Economic Times', 'China Business Times' , 'China Business', 'the Economic Observer', etc. and many provincial major newspapers and periodicals will make timely reports on the 'Conference'.

SOHU: From 'Conference Special Zone' to the 'World Economic Development Declaration' on homepage (linked by words).
YAHOO: America (Financial edition, American time 9: 00 - 14: 00), UK (News edition, British time 9:00 - 14: 00), Hong Kong (Homepage internet broadcast around-the-clock). YAHOO America and YAHOO Hong Kong have sent targeted e-mail to more than 675 thousand users who are above the rank of manager.
Website of the 'World Economic Development Declaration' is:

News Center of the Organizing Committee
September 23, 2003