Chinese and foreign enterprises set up Credit Union World Economic Development Declaration is an important part of the General Assembly is the 'Declaration' activities 'organized by the World Economic Development and Enterprise Credit,' an extension of the Forum. 

Credit Union is a Chinese and foreign enterprises and foreign enterprises, trade organizations, and foreign well-known credit rating agencies and experts co-sponsored, volunteer to join the credit of the Commonwealth. 

Chinese and foreign enterprises to follow international credit guidelines Credit Union to members of the group effect model way of credit to mobilize all social forces to build business credit. 

Credit Union, the task of Chinese and foreign enterprises are: 

1, spread the credit culture, to enhance credit awareness, exchange of credit information, tap credit resources to promote business credit building; 

2, organization of enterprise credit system implementation plan, provide a reference for the government and members of the pilot in the league after promotion; 

3, organized and implemented with international practice 'corporate credit identity system' so that their credit transparency, and gradually solve the lack of credit information as businesses caused by the problem of poor credit environment in China; 

4, to promote the 'China Credit Enterprise.' Union will hatch out in accordance with international standards, more Chinese credit business group, using a variety of ways to make credit companies take the lead in line with international standards, for the Alliance to seek additional business opportunities; 

5, provides credit management services company, the member units of credit database established to promote and maintain the brand image of the member units of credit; 

6 Credit Union, organized the annual Chinese and foreign enterprises, and promote members of the exchanges and cooperation between units, editing and publishing Chinese and foreign enterprises Credit Union Yearbook. 

National People's Congress Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of the Credit Union office, honorary chairman of Chinese and foreign enterprises; the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, vice chairman Shi Chinese and foreign enterprises as the first director of the credit union. 

China International Institute of Multinational Corporations, Foreign Investment Enterprises Association and the International Credit Rating Co., Ltd. as a Grand Union services.