Credit Union, Chinese and foreign enterprises in Beijing today announced the establishment of the news. October 20, Beijing ushered in the Great Hall of the Chinese and foreign enterprises attending the inaugural meeting of hundreds of credit union representatives. 

Chinese and foreign enterprises Credit Union World Economic Development Declaration is an important part series. World Economic Development Declaration organized by the State Council, China International Institute of Multinational Corporations and United at home and abroad was launched more than 50 units this year Nov. 6-7 held in Zhuhai. 

World Economic Development Declaration series of activities will focus on 'World Economic Development Declaration', organized by three main forum, including 'World economic development and enterprise credit' forum will be held, will help promote the construction of credit system and the health of the world economy development. Set up a 'Chinese and foreign enterprises Credit Union' is a 'business credit' forum extension and development, and has been widespread community response and support, more than 20 industry organizations and domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the 'Alliance' was launched, which is implemented credit system construction of the party and government's principles and policies to promote the credit system of concrete action. 

NPC vice chairman of the 'Declaration' organizing committee chairman, credit unions, honorary chairman of Chinese and foreign enterprises Cheng attended the inaugural meeting and delivered a speech. NPC Financial and Economic Committee and deputy director, 'the Declaration' organizing committee executive vice chairman, 'Union' Shi, chairman of the establishment of expounded in his speech, the League of purpose, purpose and meaning. He believes that corporate credit of the country's economic development is crucial, the Union will have on China's credit system, and building corporate credit for exploration and practice, and in China to establish a sound credit system to work.