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Project IntroductionProject IntroductionProject IntroductionProject IntroductionProject Introduction

'Clean coal technology demonstration and extension projects,' 'China --- the United Nations Climate Change Partnership Framework Project' sub. By the United Nations Development Programme, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, China International Institute of Multinational Corporations jointly responsible for specific tasks by the China International Institute of Multinational Corporations responsible for the implementation. 

Project team were selected for a national 27 large energy companies to participate in 'clean coal technology demonstration and extension projects', and these enterprises by China Shenhua Group, China National Coal Group, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi provincial government and other recommendations and sending. United Nations, China National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce and other unit leaders and experts from relevant areas of discussion, 27 companies of engineers, technicians and technical information on the project description report, an expert on enterprise project items to be declared nuclear-site review . 

After the relevant experts will be 27 enterprises in clean coal technology assessment. Selected demonstration enterprises in United Nations Development Programme, UNCTAD, UNIDO, United Nations Environment Programme United Nations Global Compact, the five agencies and the International Institute of Multinational Corporations in China jointly organized the 'Third Chinese and foreign multinational Company CEO Roundtable - Clean Energy and Environment Development Forum ', and is awarded the' United Nations clean coal technology demonstration enterprise 'plaque, while the domestic and international promotion of demonstration enterprises advanced technology and management mode. Demonstration will also receive state enterprises, the United Nations and other international organizations technical support and financial support for potential projects, and promote sustainable development of enterprises. 

'The Third Sino-foreign multinational CEO roundtable,' after the 'clean coal technology demonstration and extension projects,' project team will prepare and publish 'the United Nations Clean coal technology development in China (report) Blue Book' (in English). 'Blue Book' will be reported to the State Council, relevant ministries, provincial government, the United Nations and other units, and send domestic and foreign enterprises. This will be China's response to climate change, energy conservation the first Blue Book, is the world's first clean coal technology development in the Blue Book. 'Blue Book' publication will further enhance the brand value of selected companies and international status, and selected companies have significant international impact. Project team will recommend selected companies to attend the United Nations, energy conservation, climate change-related meetings and speeches to make the relevant technology to benefit humanity. The Quo, Raymond, Lee Enterprises project will have important practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. 

The project aims to promote clean coal technology promote, and enhance clean coal and energy industries to address climate change capability and sense, promoting industrial upgrading of green technology, recognition Zhudong social responsibility of enterprises to realize the industrialization and sustainable development for all.