Agenda For The 4th Multinational Corporations Leaders Roundtable

Theme: Promote Multinational Corporations’ Investment, Strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility and Facilitate Sustainability Development   

November 5th  to 7th , 2010, China World Hotel, Beijing



14:00 - 22:00


16:00 - 18:00


18:30 - 20:30

Welcome Reception ( Conference Hall, Level 1)













































08:30 -12:00


Photo Taking (Ballroom, level 1)

Unit One: Opening Ceremony (Conference Hall, Level 1) ( Broadcast Live by Phoenix Satellite TV)


Mr.  Zheng Wantong (Vice Chairman, CPPCC;

President , CICPMC)

Addresses, keynote speeches:

A Chinese leader, Minister of Commerce of China, and an UN representative reading the congratulatory message from UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban ki-moon

Unit Two: Forum on ‘Bringing In’ and ‘Going Global’ for Development


Mr. Chen Jinyu (Minister, the Counselors’ Officeof                                        the State Council, Former Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council )

Theme speeches and dialogues:

Leaders from National Development and Reform Commission, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission, , Beijing Municipal Government of P. R. China, United Nations Development Programme and UN Global Compact Office, Nobel laureates in economics, and global presidents of Chinese and foreign multinational corporations

14:30 -18:00


Unit Three: International Forum on Low-Carbon Economic  Development and Forum on Cooperation of Sino-Foreign Enterprises and Urban Investment (Conference Hall C, Level 1)


      ① Low Carbon Society and Human Development

② Low-carbon Economy and Industrial Revolution

③Development, Application and Promotion of Clean Coal Technologies

④ Strategic Significance and Projects of Investment by

   British Companies into Chinese Cities

⑤ Strategic Significance of Investment by Sino-Foreign Companies into China’s Second and Third Tier Cities

⑥Policies, Projects and Environment of Chinese Cities for Introducing Foreign Investment

Moderator: Mr. Wang Senhao (Former Chinese Minister of Coal Industry)

Keynote Speeches:

A Chinese leader

               British Ambassador to China

Theme Speeches and Dialogues:

Leaders from relevant Chinese provinces, State Energy Bureau, Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, UNIDO and UNEP, etc., as well as mayors from Chinese cities, presidents and senior executive of British companies and leaders from Chinese and foreign low-carbon enterprises and coal groups with clean coal technologies in China


Unit Four: Forum on Food and Drug Safety Responsibility (Conference Hall A, Level 1)


①Strengthening Food and Drug Corporate Safety Responsibility, and Severely Cracking Down on Counterfeit and Other Unsafe Products

②Strengthening Inspection and Supervision of Food and Drug Chains and Achieving Food and Drug Safety

③Initiating the Establishment of ‘International Safe Procurement Centre for Food and Drugs’ and Ensuring that People Buy at Ease, Eat with Comfort and Use with Satisfaction

④How to Establish the Food and Drug Blacklist Announcement System and Ensure Legitimate Rights and Interests of Branded Products

⑤Strengthening Media Supervision for the Goal of Safety to All


Mr. Wang Mengkui (Former Vice Minster, Development Research Center of the State Council,

Chairman, China Development Research Foundation)

Keynote Speech:

A Chinese leader
Theme Speeches and Dialogues:

Leaders from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, World Health Organization, UNCTAD, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, State Food and Drug Administration, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China, and relevant Chinese and foreign companies


Unit Five: Closed Meeting (Held Jointly with OECD) ( Ballroom A, Level 1)

Topics:  ① China’s Economic Structural Adjustment and Sustainable Development of the World Economy


        ② The Business Connections and Investment Opportunities Between China and Emerging Countries


        Mr. Yu Jianhua (Director General, Department of International Trade and Economic Affairs, Ministry of Commerce)

Theme Speeches and Dialogues:

        Relevant leaders from Ministry of Commerce, 20 presidents and vice presidents from Chinese companies and 20 presidents and vice presidents from foreign companies


Unit Six: Forum on the Strategic Development of the Protection of Intellectual Property ( Ballroom B, Level 1)

Topics:    The Overseas Development of Enterprises and the Protection of  Intellectual Property


Mr. Liu Zhenhua (Vice-Chairman of the Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress)

Theme Speeches and Dialogues:

          State Intellectual Property Office, State Trade Mark Bureau and 

          Ambassadors of US, UK, France and Italy to China, leaders from the American Chambers of Commerce in China, the British Chambers of Commerce in China, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, as well as relevant Chinese legal experts


Unit Seven: Forum on Private Enterprises of China Getting Listed on the US Stock Exchange (Ballroom C. Level 1)

Topics:    Deeply Understanding the US Capital Market and

Systematically Exploring Private Enterprises Getting Listed on the US Stock Exchange


          Mr. Chen Yaoxian ( Former Vice Governor of the People’s Bank of China, Former Party Secretary of China Securities Regulatory Commission/Executive Vice Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission)

Theme Speeches and Dialogues:

          Leaders from Ministry of Commerce, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, China Private Economy Research Society, CICPMC , CDII and leaders from private enterprises of China










8:30 -10:10


Unit Eight: Forum on CSR and Sustainable Development (Conference Hall, Level 1)

Topics:  ① The Impact of CSR on Mankind, Society and Sustainable Development of Economy

        ② How Multinational Corporations could set good models of CSR for the Enterprises at the Bottom of the Pyramid of Sustainable Development


Mr. Hou Yunchun (Vice Minster, DevelopmentResearch Center of the State Council)

Keynote Speech:      

A Chinese leader

Theme Speeches and Dialogues:

        Presidents of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations


10:10 -10:30


Tea Break

10:30 -12:00


Unit Nine:  Multinational Corporations: New Century, New Decade  (Conference Hall, Level 1)

(Recorded Broadcast by Phoenix TV)

Topics:   ① What Contributions Multinational Corporations Have Made to Human Progress and Social Development Over the Past Decade

② What Contributions Multinational Corporations Will Make in the Next Decade


 A moderator from Phoenix TV

Theme Speeches and Dialogues:

          Presidents of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations

12:00 -12:30

Award Ceremony for ‘International Low-carbon Enterprises and Clean Coal Enterprises’, ‘50 Multinational Companies with Contribution to Public Welfare in China (Conference Hall, Level 1)


12:30 -12:40

Closing Ceremony (Conference Hall, Level 1)

Closing Remarks:

Mr.  Zheng Wantong (Vice Chairman, CPPCC;

President , CICPMC)


Buffet Lunch