The Membership Registration Form

China International Council for the Promotion of Multinational

 Corporations Membership Application Form

1、  Corporate General Information 
Name: (Chinese)                                        (English)                                                                                        
Address: (Chinese)                                             Postcode:                                     
Legal Representative:                             Company Type:                                    
Category:               Business Scope:               Registered Capital:             Total Assets:                      
Fixed Assets:                  Website:                       
Business Registration No.:                               
Date of Establishment:                            ﹙Y / M / D)
Contact Person:                   Title:                      Tel.:                        Fax:                        
Mobile:                    E-mail:                           

2、  Registered Representative
Name: (Chinese)Mr. /Ms. *________(same as the name used on ID card) 
           (English)Mr. /Ms. *________________________________
Present Title:(Chinese) _______________________ 
                        (English) _________________________
Certificate: □ ID Card  □ Others:________ ID Card Number: __________
Birth Date:   ____  /  ____  / ____  (Y/M/D) 
Nationality:                               Birthplace: ______ Province______ City
Ethnic Group:                                 Political Status:                            
Educational Level:                              Major:                            
Graduated from:                             Tel.:                 Fax:                 
Mobile:                              E-mail:                                        

3、  Introducer
Name:                            Company Name:                                           
Title:                          Tel. /Mobile:                      Fax:                 
4、  Application for Membership Level:
□ Vice President Corporation   □ Vice Director General Corporation  
□ Executive Director Corporation
□ Director Corporation        □ Member Corporation
A Corporate Leader Serves as: 
□ Vice President             □ Vice Director General       
□ Executive Director          □ Director
5、  Membership Fee(five-year term)
Total Membership Fee / term: (Amount in words)                     

                                                (Amount in figures)                     
Payment Methods and Time: 
(within 10 working days after signing the application form) 
□ One-time payment before                 D
□ Payment on installments: 
Pay membership fee        for the first year before      Y    M   D;
Pay membership fee        for the second year before       M   D;
Pay membership fee        for the third year before        M   D;
Pay membership fee        for the fourth year before     Y    M   D;
Pay membership fee        for the fifth year before          M   D.

                      Will of Application for Membership
Above information was completed and confirmed. Our corporation is willing to apply for the membership of China International Council of Multinational Corporations and promises to abide by the constitutions of CICPC, to fulfill membership rights and obligations, to pay the membership fees on time, to receive CICPC’s services and to actively participate in various activities organized by CICPMC.
Registered Representative:                              
Corporate Stamp:                       



Application Date:         M    D
Please submit this application form, copies of business registration certificate and registered representative’s ID card, bilingual digital versions of corporate introduction and registered representative’s resume and photo to our organization. This application form has two identical copies, with each party holding one. Application corporation has no need to fill information below and may attach other requirements or suggestion.   
Approval Comments by China International Council for the Promotion of Multinational Corporations:

(With Corporate Stamp)

      Y     M      D

Membership Certificate Starting Date:

From    Y   M   D to    Y   M   D            M/N□—□□□□□