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Recently, some individuals were found to use the name of CICPMC or pretend to be employees of CICPMC to carry out business negotiation and cooperation activities, which greatly damaged CICPMC’s reputation and legitimate rights and interests. To safeguard our image and interests, we hereby declare that:


1. We don’t have any branches or affiliates in any provinces, cities or municipalities. Any business activities in the name of a CICPMC branch are illegal and fraudulent, and any relevant persons shall be investigated and held liable.

2. Except the list of directors and staff published on our official website, we never authorize anyone to do commercial activities on our behalf. Any business transactions that illegally use the name of CICPMC are irrelevant to us. We will hold any website, company and individual that conduct illegal businesses in the name of CICPMC accountable as soon as they are found.

3. We hereby urge those companies or individuals that conduct illegal and fraudulent businesses in the name of CICPMC to stop their behaviors immediately and avoid further damages. Any legal liability and economic losses incurred shall not be our liability, and we will hold those whose behaviors bring about losses to us accountable.

4. Any company or individual that are cheated shall contact local security authorities. At the same time, we remind the general public that you shall be vigilant to such fraudulent activities and properly safeguard your interests.


Our official contact formation is as follows:


Tel: 010-65124905

Fax: 010-65127341/65129537


June 18, 2014